People Will Literally Fight Over This - RTX 3070 Ti Review

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In an age where people will fight over even the chance to get a video card, does it really matter how one performs or what it costs? And is the 3070 Ti even any good?

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0:00 Intro
1:48 The spec sheet
3:30 Test setup
3:44 Gaming
5:08 Productivity
6:20 Thermals \u0026 power
7:13 Buy almost literally any GPU at MSRP




  • I cant believe that by the time I finally get to upgrading my 1060 I have to either pay an arm and a leg or rip off someone's arm and a leg for even last gen's card

    BrowntownBrowntown5 órája
  • I hope million players DDOS attack Coinbase same time

    chi foochi foo8 órája
  • At this rate I'm going to have a 10 year old GPU

    Dylan HeckerDylan Hecker10 órája
  • at the risk of sounding like a dumb ass. Is it better to have more V ram but slower speed or is the speed more important? I have my eyes on a 12gb gpu but I don't want to get that to find that an 8gb with faster memory speed is better.

    snakev10v5snakev10v510 órája
  • 1:55 There should be 10 GB GDDR6X for the RTX 3080, shouldn't it?

    handyplayerhandyplayer12 órája
  • another desperate commercial message from nvidia boy

    karel vandesandekarel vandesande15 órája
  • Bad for nvidia and Amd if they are not able to provide GPU to the gaming community

    Smartaks7Smartaks721 órája
  • When an opinion is determined by the financial revenue given by the product manufacturer, it is no longer an opinion. It is an advertisement.

    Diego NavarroDiego Navarro21 órája
  • Been holding out years for 30 series. Ffs

  • This is the most bullshit review I have ever seen. Linus thinks 10% more performance for 70% higher price is fine. I will never trust LTT reviews again.

    Gary ThurmanGary ThurmanNapja
  • Could i get any low end or min end pc for my friend i dont have a gift for him on his birthday because hes done so much for me and i really want to give him soemthing special

  • mfs got the gtx 1660 super price quadrupled GOD DAMN

  • the "BUY A PC RIGHT NOW" video was very much half a year too early and should not be used as a "I told you so." the market remained sane in 2020 with the exception of Nvidias hilariously bad launch.

  • Scalpers: fighting over GPUs to list them on eBay for 2-3x the price Me: signed up for the EVGA queue and my time slot is 3 min away from people who have received purchases.

  • Actually 1080s and 1080 ti's are going for pretty close to MSRP on eBay here in Canada right now.

    LaxShack - Soothing Relaxation musicLaxShack - Soothing Relaxation musicNapja
  • Why are you even bothering? 99% of us won't be able to get one for that price…. This is just a kick in the nuts for people who need one and can't get them.

    Josh FleuryJosh FleuryNapja
  • Dumb people pay resale price (impatient), smart people keep taking Ls to eventually buy at msrp, Genius’ know how to get them free/or at 20% of their price and stress free 👌🏾

    your local goonyour local goonNapja
  • My 1070 still alive and great @1080p

  • 3:14 this is the reason why there arent alot of 3090, 80, 70, 60s out there

    Absra CtmaAbsra CtmaNapja
  • Seems like Unreal engine 5, Raytrace cores not needed! UE5 Making NVIDIA choke hold on gaming less of a factor. This is big news! Are all the HUlabel Tech channels ignoring this because NVIDIA is their master?

  • I would be happy with a mid range GPU I spent money on everything to build a computer only to find no GPUs for sale and I am stuck with No graphics card because the price of the ones you can buy are so costly I would have to sell my house to afford one. Its really sad because I love computers and tech. I strive to keep watching these videos because it is truly a passion of mine.

    Matthew HammondMatthew HammondNapja
  • wait wbt the GDDR6X?

    Spicy Cookies (Liam & Hazel)Spicy Cookies (Liam & Hazel)Napja
  • I would rip and tear until it is done for a gaming pc

    youarenoobieyouarenoobie2 napja
  • can you also test the effect different drivers over the years on the gpu performance for gpu's ranging from 1000 to 3000 series nvidia gpus and similar with amd lineup.

    N SSN SS2 napja
  • I'm not saying I'd rob a scalper. But we do live in a society. And you do get what you deserve.

    Jack ReaverJack Reaver2 napja
  • Hey I got my 3080 from that store after waiting for 9 hours… good times

    Withcheese1098Withcheese10982 napja
  • i got my 2080 for 500 euros just before the release of the 30x0 series, and honestly I did well lol

    SeleDreamsSeleDreams2 napja
  • Lets push out new versions of cards we cant have, yippee...

    Null NullNull Null2 napja
  • It's outrageous

    Tommy ChappellTommy Chappell2 napja
  • Will look fabulous on my mining rig.

    Work and PlayWork and Play2 napja
  • Sorry to say Linus but not all of us get our 3070's and 3080's SHIPPED FOR FREE to our doorsteps to make a ass kissing review for millions of subscribers~!!!!!@@@

    JokerJoker2 napja
  • Please do a video of gaming at 240fps vs 500+ fps (its referring mainly to FPS games) with all the "super power" GPUs & new CPUs I think this will be a deal breaker video for most people and might help them save tons of money (plus probably have huge amount of viewers :P )

    Nir MargolisNir Margolis3 napja
  • GDDR6X ram.... Linus :x

    そらあめそらあめ3 napja
  • It has the exact same amount of cudacores as the 3080 mobile

    Lucas NewloveLucas Newlove3 napja
  • It will be another 3 years before anyone us get to buy a GPU at MSRP

    SaurabhavSaurabhav3 napja
  • I can't get anything for a decent price.... Like come on maannnnnneeeee it's the only thing I need to complete the build 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

    AjayAjay3 napja
  • Well I guess my 980ti is going stay with me for a bit longer ( ᐛ )و

    Eddie VargasEddie Vargas3 napja
  • I guess this is just hilarious, a new low 👏 👏 👏

    epiccollisionepiccollision3 napja
  • few weeks later So this is our new rtx 3090ti super pro extra gold titan ultra max

    Take it easyTake it easy3 napja
    • For 30900$ to help the scalping problem it’s a bargain with it’s %1 increase over 3090

      CinCin12 órája
  • Just got a evga 3070ti on Newegg. Can’t wait for it to show up

    TaylorTaylor3 napja
  • This is why I quit gaming.

    Breck the YeenBreck the Yeen3 napja
  • So in what year would I be able to buy this with out selling my house 😬

    Ivan SantosIvan Santos3 napja
  • A question I have is how integrators, OEMs, and even miners are even finding cards at all. I know a program that needs cards to upgrade their simulators, but can't get hold of them. Are the OEMs and integrators going straight to the source?

    SJ SchauerSJ Schauer3 napja
  • Just buy a prebuilt with it… only way to get one in a few days

    GamboIsTheNameGamboIsTheName3 napja
  • Jesus, I was there at that same store yesterday lol, was fairly quiet with nobody around, glad I wasn't there for that lol

    Garret WoodGarret Wood3 napja
  • sad to see that this channel used to be siding with gamers. Now, this channel is more like a promotional video by nvidia. unsubscribed

    Network Enthusiast PHNetwork Enthusiast PH3 napja
  • Linus: People are fighting for the GPU!!! Me: Wait you guys have gpus??? (I use a laptop with i3 7th gen 4gb ram intel hd graphics)

    Naman KumarNaman Kumar3 napja
  • We can make the same in a day reselling a card than what we can make in two weeks at work. Not everyone but a lot of people.

    Marc VanMarc Van3 napja
  • Linus shill tips

    MDKVideoMDKVideo3 napja
  • 3080 non-Ti ended up being the card that actually makes more sense to buy from a performance point of view, if you can get one ofc.

    KevkasKevkas3 napja
  • Cmon, bring in 1v1 fights with the prize being 3090s. Ill take any of you mofos on in a MMA ring/cage. PRIDE RULES BITCHES!

    highjimhighjim3 napja
  • Why are we all pretending the elephant in the room does not exist - crypto-mining. If Nvidia had done the proper capitalist thing and sold at real market rates and collecting the extra revenue from miners the last few years (instead of limiting sales to 1 card per buyer) then investing this capital to expand production, we would all be getting cheaper and better cards now and Nvidia would still be getting higher profits due to even larger sales.

    J CJ C3 napja
  • The flaky flood oddly intend because hail analytically interest within a flippant soldier. sincere, spiritual box

    Albert leoAlbert leo3 napja
  • I thought this review would be comparing this to the competition.

    CA BOCA BO3 napja
  • what's even crazier to me is that people have time for gaming ...

    southpole76southpole764 napja
  • I would literally launch a nuke at a populated city to buy a GPU at 10% markup.

    C NC N4 napja
  • Got up early to get in line to get turned away. Got offered 3 vouchers by scalpers who’d already gotten a card in the past 30 days, offered 200-300 for the voucher. Rather throw my money down a pit than hand a penny to a scalper.

    dengernoodledengernoodle4 napja
  • Bruh my micro center has every amd card and these dudes making a mad dash

    J.C. DentonJ.C. Denton4 napja
  • My graphics card is IntelR uhd graphics 630 is it good??

    Cool JakeCool Jake4 napja
  • Given that we're probably 3-4 months away from Not Being Able To Buy the 40 Series Cards, I'm less fussed about Not Being Able To Buy The 30 Series Cards.

    WarlockWarlock4 napja
    • @Jesus MLG No, I'm mostly joking. Oh yeah, it's every 2 years isn't it? So it'll be the 3070 Super refresh first. :D

      WarlockWarlock4 napja
    • who said 4 months away? Was there an official announcement by Nvidia?

      Jesus MLGJesus MLG4 napja
  • Sponsor ad Linus bad Duke Nukem cosplay isn't real & can't hurt you. Sponsor ad Linus bad Duke Nukem cosplay:

    Justin LJustin L4 napja
  • I will stab my leg as hard as possible with a pencil for the opportunity to have a graphics card right now

    Situkic15Situkic154 napja
  • Understandable

    Toa sterToa ster4 napja
  • Asian ppl: oh wow i thought these things are easy to get at the usa

    Syn2 eSyn2 e4 napja
  • All the people who disliked this video are Hardware Unboxed Simps, Gamer Nexus Simps, or people without GPUs lol. Linus is not wrong at all about buying a new 30 series card at MSRP. If you can. The people who disagree want everything to be easy. Lol sucks to suck.

    Hrethric LionheartHrethric Lionheart4 napja
  • God I hope that my 1070ti can play bf2042 at decent settings and framerates

    playstationRLZplaystationRLZ4 napja
    • Im thinking the same with gtx970 sli..

      Dannyelske De GroofDannyelske De Groof3 napja
  • When I see those people running for a GPU, this is the exact moment I'm telling myself : « this shit is really goin too far »

    Friday CaliforniaaFriday Californiaa4 napja
  • Can I buy it from you 🙈

    Jacob PedersenJacob Pedersen4 napja
  • Nvidia RTX 3070 TI is fast and Looks nicer

    Gaming-Zombie13Gaming-Zombie134 napja
  • man he has like 6 gpus , how i wish to be him

    Maximo HenriquezMaximo Henriquez4 napja
  • 3070 ti and 3080 ti are jokes!!! They shouldn't be out there and nvidia sucks for trying to find ways to take more money out of ppl who are trusting them!! This is really bad of them trying to milk people with cheap tricks!!!it would had be much better if they had release more 3070 + 3080 that would had be cheaper and not give 10% extra perfomancefor 20% -+ extra money that really shit deal!!!! And you shouldn't recommend it at all!!! Sorry but I can't see your point of view when I can see better options!!!

    F0reigner GrF0reigner Gr4 napja
  • OMG i lost it at that Linus Nukem cosplay xD

    AnimefreakahAnimefreakah4 napja
  • Look man all I’m seeing from these results is that the RX6800 XT is running better frames that the 3080

    Emmanuel CardenasEmmanuel Cardenas4 napja
  • I just want to get my hands on a 3090 to replace my aging quadro p4000.

    NovaNova4 napja
  • Basically its an amd rx6700xt.

    Si-Ke!!Si-Ke!!4 napja
  • That's actually amercian thing. In civilised countries if we can't buy something because of the shortage - we'll wait. Also why'd you actually NEED RTX3070Ti for? Playing games doesn't count as a need, it's a whim. Being able to feed your family is a need. And you can certainly feed your family just buying Quadro. And they're readily available. So it's sad looking at people so manipulated to buying things they don't really need.

    Wojciech LewenstamWojciech Lewenstam4 napja
  • god... amd was excluded in octanebench bcz??? nvidia owns ya server backdoors?? or?

    T KT K4 napja
  • Hey.. Linus can i get you 1 GPU even 3060 im struggle to get the RTX 3000 series since the first launch... i hope you read my comment thank you and goodluck to me..😊

    DiyMoH AdrianDiyMoH Adrian4 napja
  • LOL I saw the footage and didn't know it was for the 3070 ti HAHAHA. I just saw people running fast on an Instagram page

    DreamsDreams4 napja
  • U know I hate that it’s so hard too find parts too build a computer I just lost my apartment a couple weeks ago and thank god for Red Cross for helping me with a hotel for a month and every thing in the house I lost and I just got in my new apartment and am trying too build a gaming pc cheap so I can stream and play war zone I’ve been looking for a 3070 ti and Cannt find anything it sucks or even a 2080 ti I wouldn’t mind but if anyone out the in the community has any parts they can spare or sell me email it will real help me thank you

    Jason MederiosJason Mederios4 napja
  • I guess I was really lucky with my 3070 at MSRP ;-)

    M LM L4 napja
  • here i am with my 3060 and doing fine

    Baxi TabaxiBaxi Tabaxi4 napja
  • that's a lot of scalpers waiting in line

    f weff wef4 napja
  • ...we do have a lot of propper competent Hardware PPL here so...i do have a question!! i was giftet an old gx570...witch powerbrick do i need to run it on my old I5 board.?... so far i had my old radeon 7770hd and it was running fine...but it seems that my 350´watts power brick isnt enough for the gx 570.. any suggestions? and greetings from germany

    BitplanebrotherBitplanebrother4 napja
  • They can make LHR 3080 or 3070 and sell it at msrp price with the same chips. But nvidia choose to make the ti models and make a prophet in this shortage situation and you don't talking about that.

    Ahmed MahmodAhmed Mahmod4 napja
  • I'm glad I bought my graphics card when I did.

    Iceberg IcebergIceberg Iceberg4 napja
  • I unsubscribed after his biased 3080 Ti review.

    Master BlasterMaster Blaster5 napja
  • me flexing with my 3060 for 329 euro

    Sem schellekensSem schellekens5 napja
  • Miner people should go on bankrupcy, they causes this

    Ahmad Faris Khairul AnamAhmad Faris Khairul Anam5 napja
  • I just want to play some games😔

    OscarA1OscarA15 napja
  • Dude even a 1080ti will do I just need something

    Nirvaan SahuNirvaan Sahu5 napja
  • I wouldn't expect gamers to be able to run

    a flying fisha flying fish5 napja
  • The 3070ti is a waste of money, for just $100 more you can get better performance and 2Gb more VRAM with the 3080! I can't even finish watching this NVidia-shilling review... I know linus has to run a business, but c'mon this is just pandering.

    Kezo lastnameKezo lastname5 napja
    • @Jesus MLG No, that's just my cynicism... as I see that this shit-show is only going to get worse before it gets better! Between the scalpers and miners we're fucked for storage, ram and gpus; it really pisses me off!

      Kezo lastnameKezo lastname3 napja
    • @Kezo lastname you're saying that because you want things to get worse?

      Jesus MLGJesus MLG3 napja
    • @Jesus MLG @Well, in that market everything has scalped pricing so there are no real good values... give it a week, the 3070ti will hit the 1k mark soon enough!

      Kezo lastnameKezo lastname3 napja
    • 3070Ti is very good value. it's $750 in SEA but 3080 costs $2500! 3080 is the worst value card.

      Jesus MLGJesus MLG4 napja
  • Kkk olho 😜

    Daniel Bello MelliesDaniel Bello Mellies5 napja
  • Will you surprise us for a week of footage with a Fu Manchu?

    JDonaldsonJDonaldson5 napja
  • Man I got so lucky. I bought a brand new gaming PC set top to bottom 10900K and shit. First one I’ve ever gotten. When it got to the end and there were no great graphics cards, the micro center sales rep did me a solid and got me a 3080 they had hidden in the back. Wasn’t until weeks later I realized what I got. Loving the rig and knowing how much this is sought after and I got it by accident. Well not really I spent 7k lol. Also odyssey G9 is legit. Except it cuts all your frame rates in half having to run double the screen. Lot of compromises on eye candy in any game without DLSS

    GG5 napja
  • My 3070ti comes in the mail tomorrow.. I wanted a 3080, but since just going out and purchasing one isn’t that easy, here we are.

    Tony AllenTony Allen5 napja
  • I'd punch Linus any day for a 3070ti ngl. Sorry Linus ,😞

    ZafranZafran5 napja
  • Give me those GPUs Linus I will borrow them just for 25 years don't worry 😄

    Harry JurtzHarry Jurtz5 napja