Building A $10,000 PC for ROBLOX

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They asked us to build the ultimate ROBLOX machine, and we delivered.

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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
Video Link:
iTunes Download Link:
Artist Link:

Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High

Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
0:50 PC Build
12:04 PC Boots Up
12:10 Peels \u0026 Buttoning Everything Up
12:57 Capture Card
13:20 Linus Plays ROBLOX
15:54 Linus Discovers ROBLOX Capitalism
16:35 Outro




  • Ummm can I get one for free? I won't play roblox ;)

    Pavle MilenkovicPavle MilenkovicÓrája
  • whyy i have a bad pc and then u make this AND FOR ROBLOX???

  • Why am I watching this I don't even have a house

    im cursedim cursed2 órája
  • isn't it funny seeing Linus play arsenal for the first time and us veteran arsenal players are just laughing at him (not trying to be rude)

    A snakeA snake2 órája
  • 2 years ago me: want it Now me: want it

    That'sBlockedUpThat'sBlockedUp2 órája
  • linus got everything except for 60fps videos

    Ai REiAi REi3 órája
  • Hell yeah! Man of culture

    Jst GeorgeJst George3 órája
  • wow yeah

    Lightning BoltLightning Bolt3 órája
  • The ending was a plot twist… Honey wasn’t the sponsor?!

    Muhammad Shah Meer TariqMuhammad Shah Meer Tariq3 órája
  • You're funny

    LuminatingSoulLuminatingSoul3 órája
  • I was able to play that crap smooth on my old potato pc.

    Linus BLinus B4 órája
  • wow, they actually bought the domain lol

    Dee WinnDee Winn4 órája
  • oh wow, love linus losing his mind over roblox

    Dee WinnDee Winn4 órája
  • I am again here to say that in my 5 years with honey I have saved exactly $0 🙃

    Dee WinnDee Winn5 órája
  • bruh

    ProfileProfile5 órája
  • ROBLOX games has now the highiest graphics now.

    Skinneh ShortsSkinneh Shorts5 órája
  • Now i can finally play adopt me

    Top HatterTop Hatter6 órája
  • im sure the 9 year olds would love this LOL

    Bombyhead :3Bombyhead :36 órája
  • bro i made my laptop better with github now i can run this vid on 4k no problem it sucked before tho

    noah ansonnoah anson6 órája
  • Linus pog tips

    A EA E7 órája
  • I’m not jealous your jealous 🥺

    User1User17 órája
  • A wise man once said "The more the RGB,the more the FPS"

    Reddy RajasimhaReddy Rajasimha8 órája
  • Wait till i get my job just wait for like at 2028

    George DalasGeorge Dalas13 órája
  • You are funny

    George DalasGeorge Dalas13 órája
  • Efin hilarious, I continue to watch not only to learn a thing or two about builds, but commentary that goes along with the vids have had me ROFLing pretty hard. Keep up the awesomeness! And hey, would you be able to sneak in your next vid and say "biscuit eater" in it?! It's a running gag between my fellow gamers and I.

    Retr0SquaDRetr0SquaD13 órája
  • you wherfe intersted? i was desgusted

    BlueFire_01BlueFire_0114 órája
  • when one motherboard costs more than my entire setup

    old man Joeold man Joe15 órája
  • he is funny

    maison connermaison conner15 órája
  • And they probably dont even know what a f*cking FPS UNLOCKER IS WHAT A WASTE

    TotallynuggetTotallynugget15 órája
  • I would build a gaming pc for roblox

    GamerKeags Roblox (Flameball Dragon Training)GamerKeags Roblox (Flameball Dragon Training)19 órája
  • i wish i had some thing really good than this i have 1050 ti gtx with 60 hz monitor it really sucks :(

    Gaming worldGaming world21 órája
  • i mean its going to be fine for a lego game

    DaighIsPogDaighIsPog22 órája
  • My dream pc right there. Rn i have an ASUS with 6 GB Ram and 1 TB in an myria case

    SebRO145SebRO14522 órája
  • Plot twist he wants to remake CSGO in roblox

    Dark7Dark723 órája
  • u r funny

    WKR Matrix🎮WKR Matrix🎮23 órája
  • Gift me one😌

    Vinay KumarVinay KumarNapja
  • Roblox doesn’t have an unlimited fps options because it was made for 9 year olds playing on their parents thinkpads.

    Miloyall GDMiloyall GDNapja
    • Before y’all flame me, I play roblox as an older audience, I know it’s not JUST for children. But let’s be real…

      Miloyall GDMiloyall GDNapja
  • Finally I can play Roblox but with 30fps

    Uchiha PenguinUchiha PenguinNapja
  • "Yeah Roblox is like Minecraft for small children" Roblox Condo's: *Hello There*

    • those are still for children that think theyre old and slenders

      drampa patsdrampa pats6 órája
    • General kenobi, you are the bold one.

      Henry Łóńg HęądHenry Łóńg Hęąd11 órája
  • Roblox kids be like:

    Galaxy VoidGalaxy VoidNapja
  • Thank you for convincing him to put the cooler on the top holy shit

    Old Matey BazzaOld Matey BazzaNapja
  • Can I have free gaming pc please 😭

    Dharaneesh TummalaDharaneesh TummalaNapja
  • You know in the NOW 15-year-old history of Roblox (nearly 20 if you count the pre-alpha days let's say about 2002 or '03 -- back when it was being called "Dyna Blocks") we sure have came a LONG WAY.

    Nathan Andrew DavisNathan Andrew DavisNapja
  • Welcome to the Roblox community Linus! Where "Powering imagination" can get a little umm... interesting at times.

    Nathan Andrew DavisNathan Andrew DavisNapja
  • Linus about to make some roblox games after this vide

  • Ngl I’m cracked at that game arsenal 😂

    Windston StrattonWindston StrattonNapja
  • see guys honey is even linus approved

    Pugimus gamingPugimus gamingNapja
  • make a home invader's night seeing that pc stupid as fuck spending that for normal use.

  • a video with a honey sponsor, the sponsor for the computer, his LTT store, on his youtube, with 13m views

  • bobus

    Acs Aaaa2Acs Aaaa2Napja
  • seeing this make me cry cuz i use a pizzaa that cant play 30 fps games

  • Roblox runs more off your cpu so if you go to control panel and make it on your gpu it will run at higher fps

  • My father laptop is oldest laptop and i can play with 100fps no lag nice

  • Had a GTX 1050 and it still lagged in Jaolbreak

  • You asked if you're funny, didn't you? Well, you can be funny, but sometimes you're trying a little too hard.

    Bert VisscherBert VisscherNapja

    elliot mourantelliot mourantNapja
  • But can it run starscape

    Zestyblox EZestyblox ENapja
  • hahahahahahahahahahahyahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahah ur funny

    Wordsly StudiosWordsly StudiosNapja
  • 0:47 "No road blox"? That's a reference to one of flamingo/Albert's rap battles video.

  • can some one explain why i get more fps in fortnite then roblox.

    Arctic lolArctic lolNapja

    Mateo's gaming placeMateo's gaming placeNapja
  • i just love how their motherboard's price is my budget for a pc :.^)

  • That's a thicc PC

    S GamerS GamerNapja
  • you are very funny

    My name is RiverMy name is RiverNapja
  • Yes me want new gaming pc, but make it a light laptop

    Da dumDa dumNapja
  • when he was talking about robux my head hurt lol

    G AbbyG AbbyNapja
  • Me trying to play roblox my pc nahh bro not today

    Mamen GetsuMamen GetsuNapja
  • Ooooo my brother is making me one for free UwU

    XxXwierd Wolf aceXxXXxXwierd Wolf aceXxXNapja
  • Still can't run crysis tho

    Floppa Floppovich • 20 лет назадFloppa Floppovich • 20 лет назадNapja
  • Ur ur Not Funny

    ChampyChampy2 napja
  • 3:10 ill hire someone to build me a PC from Linus, maybe...

    Chopthe DogChopthe Dog2 napja
  • I want to cry

    Chopthe DogChopthe Dog2 napja
  • can i have pls

    IrrelevantDerpIrrelevantDerp2 napja
  • Ah yes, I can now run Cyberpunk 2077 at 30fps.

    RoboTapRoboTap2 napja
  • me when the cpu is twice as expensive as my pc

    DukeTheCorndogDukeTheCorndog2 napja
  • i love these vids, but they also make me sad that il probably never be able to have a pc remotely close to this ehh, my 5700 TX does me good, need more ram tho

    gufo10 games.gufo10 games.2 napja
  • wait I didn't know you can convert Robux to money?!?!?!

    고영춘고영춘2 napja
  • that pc is gonna explode in 2 years

    I need Mental helpI need Mental help2 napja
  • I mean I wouldn’t mind if you made me a computer 👀

    Russian T-34Russian T-342 napja
  • Can I have it?

    Jimmy XVMJimmy XVM2 napja
  • hey i think your funny Linus

    Julian StarkeyJulian Starkey2 napja
  • can relate

    PlayerCatPlayerCat2 napja
  • 4:37 Not what my research showed. Apparently according to ASUS documentation the first PCI slot and NVME slot share lanes. Hence why I put my GPU on the Second PCI slot, and will put a capture card on the fourth or first slot that doesn't need those lanes really.

    TDATATDATA2 napja
  • Lol this looks like my build. Though mine cost me 14400. When all was said and done. I knowingly and willingly got scalped on the GPU, RTX 3090. If you're going absurd, then GO ABSURD. Also, I occupied all three NVME slots with the max in their generation (all sabrant; boot = 4tb Gen 4, 2x 8tb storage drives), didn't use the dimm.2 NVME bays adapter since can at a later date, took care of the more annoying ones to populate first. 256GB of technically not supported HYPERX ram (3200MHz 16 18 18 22) NO RGB on this build (except motherboard, PSU and GPU). 1500W Thermaltake 80 Plus Titanium PSU, and a $250 Anidees case that's massive. Then used a Noctua Cooler (for threadripper and added another fan while also swapping the brown for black fans), and then used 9 Industrial/Server-grade fans from Noctua around the case. At full speed 35C is average temp, 50C seems to be max in 22C room. At minimum speed 50C average, throttling on load. No clue what GPU is doing since I don't know how to check its temps. Also went with this board.

    TDATATDATA2 napja
  • play the most realistic roblox game hellreaver arena v1.1

    Daniel fergosDaniel fergos2 napja
  • Pls minecraft plz

    DonteDonte2 napja
  • your pretty funny

    Sebastian AlvarezSebastian Alvarez2 napja
  • i spent $300 on Roblox and my account got deleted.

    Reece Godbehere-MillsReece Godbehere-Mills3 napja
  • If I have this pc I play HUlabel and minecraft in it and some rampage with chrome. Lol😂

    Swattik karmaSwattik karma3 napja
  • wtf

    shubham mallahshubham mallah3 napja
  • omg linus i can really see jake peralta in you. more like a techy techy jake peralta

    vla.dayolavla.dayola3 napja
  • Is it like lego to you??? lol

    Kinda E manKinda E man3 napja
  • welcome to this hellhole with daily drama- i mean a kids online lego game yeah

    DoritoDorito3 napja
  • 6:44 I take it you haven't seen the gamers nexus vid on radiator placement.

    EnishidonoEnishidono3 napja
  • Most unexpected video.

    Fortune Puppet (Cole's Play Room)Fortune Puppet (Cole's Play Room)3 napja
  • I don't need it, I don't need it........ I NEED IT! Plus I think he's funny!

    Cj NeffCj Neff3 napja
  • Oh terabrite games I'm subbed to them and I love their channel

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  • 1.7K dislikes from fortnite gamers bruh

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