Addressing my Bad Take on RTX 3080 Ti - WAN Show Jun 4, 2021

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Timestamps (Courtesy of Kaspar Zubarev)
2:16 - Sponsors
2:30 - About the review
11:40 - Nvidia's MSRP is bull***t
15:20 - Secondary market is more "fair"
17:30 - Does 3080 for $700 exist?
22:00 - Founder's are not an easy catch
27:45 - Budget gamers suffer
29:50 - Some thoughts about comments
35:20 - Linus explodes and roasts Nvidia
39:15 - AMD time and FSR
47:50 - New APUs
57:20 - Don't buy top-tier for future-proofing
59:56 - surprise phonecall
1:10:08 - NUC coverage




  • It must hard for you linus being such a genius, having to deal with all the peons in the world eh?

    PeterPeter4 órája
  • Just because I don't have to buy something super expensive, doesn't mean I can't critique a product that has terrible price to performance. The raw components that are used to make the 3080ti could be used to make the 3080.

    LlakuawyusLlakuawyus6 órája
  • This is a hilariously bad take.

    Killacamfoo O.G.Killacamfoo O.G.6 órája
  • No one in the world expected the 3080 Ti to be more like the 3080. The leaks were correct about the specs.

    PeterPeter7 órája
  • Budget consumer are upset seeing a GPU die that should have been a $700 card is now in a $1200 card. Of course as they rightfully should be. It comes with no real perceptible gains.

    PeterPeter7 órája
  • LMG, I guess I should not be surprised you didn't retract your original comments on 3080 Ti. This is so clearly Nvidia's attempt to get a bigger cut of the market. The 3080 Ti is a ether gimped price gouge. You cannot debate that. Any chip that doesn't make as a 3090 can now with 50% increase in ram instead of 200% can now be +70% more profit. You no longer think of computer hardware as a consumer. You think like for profit corporations now. You are now against your entire fan base. You are not a decent person. I know now why you grew that bread, because you can't look in the mirror to shave? Don't try to tell Steve from GamersNexus, that he is wrong about anything. Take this to heart do try to disagree, or listen to the little yes men surrounding you. Steve is smarter than you. Steve is more intelligent in every single way possible; learning ability, information retention, creativity, abstract thought, problem solving, social skills, business acumen, emotional intelligence, physically everything. In addition Steve from GamersNexus also has, great morals, a backbone and superior ethics. To say msrp doesn't effect resale prices is just foolish. It's not even worth addressing. Please refer to Steve from GamersNexus because he proved you incorrect. You say you don't expect your viewers to understand what msrp is. I find that insulting. My take is you think the majority of your viewers are uneducated, unknowledgeable young kids. Obviously why you're selling +$100CDN Hoodies, and $60CDN Water bottles, check ltt........ right? Your transition is now complete. You are now a morally empty corrupted person. You're officially against all your viewers and we are just consumers for you and your rich corporate brethren to profit from. This is coming from someone has a person who currently owns 2 x 3090's, including a KingPin, 10900KF, Maximus Apex, Corsair Obsidian 1000D, I have owned several multi-GPU setups, I bought the Obsidian 800D as soon as it came out, I bought the first 120Hz LCD monitor on the market. I have been doing this since 1991. I remember spending almost $1000CDC on video card back in the 90's when 6 months later it wasn't worth half what you paid for it. I still think it's horrible what you said about people who want performance shouldn't care about prices and spending more money than they should. I really hope the majority of your viewers take to heart everything you said in this video and doesn't ever visit anything with your name attached to it every again for the rest of their lives.

    PeterPeter7 órája
  • NVIDIA resorted to buying LTT instead 😡

    ArMEArME7 órája
  • as an nvda shareholder, yay.. keep milking those consumers, and LTT... keep defending opportunism! As a customer, LTT failed, oh well

    Ash SallehAsh Salleh10 órája
  • dude admit you were wrong

    Ash SallehAsh Salleh10 órája
  • If it could be a 3090 it would be. Even more money and still an auto-sell product. The unit almost made the cut for that performance tier and didn’t. They’d have to be cut down to a 3080. Now they have added a stopgap to recoup more potential profit for some chips closer to the cutoff than others and they can be binned and cut to a 3080ti instead and therefore doubled in price. Nvidia is hoping people will compare it to a 3090 and see value, but I just can’t NOT compare it to a 3080. Nvidia isn’t that nice. They could have better served their customers by holding off but decided to go ahead and make another move on the market for a quick buck. What are we gonna do, take our business elsewhere?

    cade johnsoncade johnson16 órája
  • I was reminiscing about my old boye that I retired only a couple years ago. It's got a i7 2600K and I'd still say it's a capable machine. GTX 970, not so much. It used to have two something something 5600 gpu, no clue what make.

    Jourei MahtavankätyriJourei Mahtavankätyri18 órája
  • let's support creators that have not sold out and are on the consumer side

    Jaenima BrickJaenima Brick19 órája
  • It really irritates me that consumers want to crucify Linus for sharing the reality THAT IS PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE simply because they're far too worthless and stupid to learn about the devices instead of relying on better people to tell them what to buy so they can keep up with the Jones's. EDUCATE YOURSELVES AND BUY WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD STUPID

  • nVidea doesn't make the founder's cards the same way Apple doesn't make iPhones. Buying from a scalper is not the same as buying a used card.

    A HettingerA HettingerNapja
  • Linus talking like Nvidia is about to go broke was actually revolting 🤮

  • Linus's was the only review that I thought was at all fair or reasonable. Every other review was just bitching about the state of GPU prices as if that had anything to do with the product.

    Ryan StadelRyan StadelNapja
  • Two coomers

  • Its the end of the line

  • Listen I’m with Linus on this. For the current state of graphics card shortages and world circumstances the 3080 Ti at MSRP is a good deal when compared to other cards in its tier

    Soren KazarenSoren Kazaren2 napja
    • Yeah get it at msrp then it’s going for at least 2500-3000$ everywhere they scalped 3080s for 1500-2000$ at least this just made it worse

      CinCin10 órája
  • You Finally show your self nothing but a lapdog to these big Corp

    Chibi PantheonChibi Pantheon2 napja
  • im currently running a 1080ti, its still a great performer ofc, but even when i've still got a great gpu, I still feel the (best word might actually be sadness) again, sadness, from this whole ordeal. Its sad that the shortage and scalpers take out all the fun of the new hardware, even if you can get one for the right price, there is hardly talk of it, besides the what I mentioned. Because almost no one can get one, and if they can, its USUALLY for insane prices. Its just hard to get excited for it atm, ill probably buy a 3080/3080ti when the shortage ends, since I enjoy enthusiast grade hardware, 20 series wasnt great for me, so i've skipped those. And im not just here to "flex" or tell everyone how much money I have or some shit, I legitimately just enjoy good hardware, of all kinds even. And im just a bit sad about the whole thing. Dont have much more to say frankly, luckily its gonna improve ofc, but if nothing better comes along when the shortage ends, the 3080/3080ti will be my target. Take this as you will, sorry for the wall of text, have a good day, please :)

    DefiantGGDefiantGG2 napja
  • The fact that it was 999 then bumped up to 1199 is the problem.

    Damien LobbDamien Lobb3 napja
  • The problem that I see on Linus nowadays is that he thinks people with a lot of money are just stupid who buy anything because they can. Damn that's ironic.

    Sebastian Palacios LlerenaSebastian Palacios Llerena3 napja
  • TBH I might get out of gaming for the most part and just play switch. CBA getting ripped off for hardware left, right and centre that you have to upgrade every few years. Might just invest in in a better camera body, swap to MacOS full time and not have to buy new components for at least 2x MSRP, proabbly stop watching this channel altogether, WAN and Apple coverage is pretty much all I watch now anyway, Snazzy has better Mac coverage and WAN is just Linus defending himself from his latest dogshit opinion while Luke just looks sad on the other side not able to speak. I mean a 3060Ti costs over £800 on ebay now from an MSRP of £380. Guessing a lot over people are feeling the same including your audience you deem too poor to afford a top tier GPU. Just a reminder the 1080Ti came in at 699, the same price as the base 3080 launched at. The 3080Ti cost's 500 more than that. The pricing of the 2080Ti was wrong and so is this. Also I'm still banned from the LTT forum for posting a winnie the Pooh meme, so what was that speech about not approving of China the other month about?

    Lord V1LELord V1LE3 napja
  • At least the 2080ti was a 20-30% performance bump over the 2080, and it was seen as bad value when it released. The 3080ti is pure ripoff considering the tiny performance bump over the 3080...

    H3MPYH3MPY3 napja
  • This is a truly exhausting defense.

    Matt DoyleMatt Doyle3 napja
  • Something i realize that no one mentions is the principle behind cards like the 3080ti existing. It's exists purely because of NVidias greed. which yes business will be business, but consumers will be consumers. if you're willing to put your businesses reputation on the line for the sake of greed then you have to live with the consequences of that. Consumers today are getting more and more aware of companies doing things out of pure greed. the sad reality is, they very likely don't care. for a company like NVidia what are you going to do? buy an AMD card? lol. GL getting any kind of decent ray tracing performance on that. not to mention 95% of games developed are still made for NVidia cards primarily. that is the sad reality. in the steam survey alone NVidia still counts for 75% of the market. They know they have a strangle hold on the industry and they're taking full advantage of that.

    Matthew WarrenMatthew Warren3 napja
  • the 3080ti being the best bang for buck for people looking to buy the 3090 is not a good argument because if i was in the market for a 3090 in the first place im now even more likely to buy a 3090 because of how cut down the 3080ti. even if i am ONLY using it for gaming why would i buy a card with so much less memory. msrp to msrp if i was in the market for a 3090 this doesnt sway me personally at all, i'd much rather put the xtra couple hundred bucks and get the 3090.

    Matthew WarrenMatthew Warren3 napja
  • VR with 2600K? How? Did MS add support for that CPU to Windows 10? Because at least in the past, it just didn't work.

    notthere83notthere833 napja
  • NVidia Schill.

    Colin NewmanColin Newman3 napja
  • ppl are sad and mad cuz they cant buy the top GPU for super cheap. like wtf... this is like me not be able to buy a lambo. ye. get real ppl. and LEARN how the market works, clr lots of ppl dont know how the market works

    PifchoBGPifchoBG3 napja
    • No many of peoples problems including mine is $500 more for 10% at more performance is still a bad buy, while this is just me I would never buy a rtx 3080ti in any kind of market, not to mention for a workstation card it makes even less sense because of the less vram, so even if I was paying over 1k for a card the 3090 would make more sense for a workstation card then the 3080ti because the cost difference at least at msrp is about 300 dollars, that would be of course in ideal market conditions. So at the end of day the 3080ti is simply in a price range that in many ways doesn't make alot of sense for the cost and performance it offers.

      Jared BashamJared Basham3 napja
  • $699 was the msrp for the 1080ti. Then it went stupid with 20 series to $999. The 980ti was also at $649 and the 780ti was $699. So you've got some solid average figures for three generations and that was the normality for a solid amount of time. The point then goes back that yes halo products like the XXXTi range has always been expensive price to performance but that was the case at the $700 mark. To then be suggesting that the Ti drops into that same category now is mental. Its double at MSRP and yet the same premise as all the previous Ti cards. There is no justification. The 3080 already dropped at above previous Ti pricing of cards and so was already bad value and this has only increased further. Justifying it because its a slightly cut 3090 isn't a good justification when people are already fed up. Also to suggest people shouldn't be looking at halo products and be upset is daft because people whom looked at halo products in previous generations are now looking at most at a mid tier card like a 3060 even at MSRP. And they would be getting less performance so there is no upgrade path at the same price point anymore. These are people that previous brought the 780ti, 980ti and 1080ti as halo gaming products are now priced out by almost double the MSRP to get the next two generations of Ti.

    Adam ChambersAdam Chambers3 napja
  • 1080 Ti wasn't a 'fluke' 780 Ti :$699 980 Ti: $649 1080 Ti: $699 2080 Ti: $1200 3080 Ti: $1200 Nearly doubling the xx80 Ti MSRP because people will still buy it: Priceless

    Joe BourgoinJoe Bourgoin4 napja
  • Yeah I have to disagree with you on this one Linus. For one point if msrp was such bs this why be so glad about it when 3060, 3070 , etc came out or use it for price to performance all the times in the past? The 3090 has diffrent use cases then the 3080 as a whole so its much more fair to compare it to the normal 3080 vs 3090 in doing so it is horrendous for its performance point to price. Given the shortage going on RN the more sku"s they make do hurt the ammount of existing ones that can be produced. RN they need to focus on catching the market up with what they have and ending the bs scalper situation.

    Ryu KotsuRyu Kotsu4 napja
  • I get where Linus is coming from, but there is a massive hole around d 200 ish usd that hasn't been filled and the hope was we were to be getting another 1080TI kind of value which would be great for those who want a card to game on as opposed to appealing to scalpers, miners, workstation people. The 'read the room' comment is because a cheaper 3090 isn't what a majority of your base is looking for let alone a 3090. So lending praise to a card that never appealed to the vast majority of us felt off-putting. That's great for the 1% but I think we are tired of hearing good news for the 1%

    AK474000AK4740004 napja
  • If the messenger comes out with a gigantic grin on their face to give folks sucky news, why are they surprised when they get punched in the mouth?

    Ser Garlan TyrellSer Garlan Tyrell4 napja
  • Yay ,Linus was a scalper..

    Proinseas O'KielligProinseas O'Kiellig5 napja
  • Yeah you already got owned twice on this dude. When's your apology video?

    apocalypseapapocalypseap5 napja
  • Luke, you're looking rough!..look after yourself!

    Proinseas O'KielligProinseas O'Kiellig5 napja
  • Linus es un vendido, y lo es hace años, tienes que ser muy estúpido para guiarte por sus reviews... lean o busquen los reviews o análisis de los uausuarios normales, este tipo gana muchísimo dinero, no le interesa si el producto es bueno o no

    Miguel MorenoMiguel Moreno5 napja
  • BS

    Pascal PereiraPascal Pereira5 napja
  • Man RTX 3080 TI it was a terrible deal at 1000 $ at MSRP ...:)) It was an extra 300 $ for 2 extra GB VRAM (the other thing ... didn't matter). RTX 3080 TI at 1200 $ ... it is just ... ridiculous! It actually cracks me up! ...:)) That 'robbery' ... was a metaphor, you shouldn't take it to the literal sense. Of course that nobody is forced to buy this product. The scalpers will buy it and will make a nice profit for it ... by re-selling it to other people which have no real sense of the economy. The last ones form an important share of the market ... and it will be a shame not to take their money away. If you do not do it, other people will. Nvidia knows this, scalpers know this, Linus ... know this ...:)) Speaking from a gamer point perspective ... the entire RTX 3000 series is a complete bust. Bad deals over the entire line ... they fall short on VRAM (except the 3090 ... which has more than needed ... it is a vanity card, very expensive, with no return value) ... The sweet-spot for 2020-2021 and above is 16 GB VRAM ... if you don't get that you will have to change you card in the next 2 years. Nvidia know this and they purposely let that sweet-spot unoccupied ... not for AMD, but for their 4000 series ... manipulation the customers through 'reviewers' that they don't need the extra VRAM right now. Speaking for myself ... i'm not changing my GPU inside a 5 years period ... and i know for sure that the next TES game will be release in that period and will require above 12 GB VRAM ... so i have no choice but to postpone buying a GPU, until an adequate product is released on the market. But that's my thing. I don't watch these channels to be influenced or coursed into a buying decision, just to have fun ... i love the tech talk ... and i like to see reviewers with different opinions. The Good Old Gamer ... was a bit harsh with you ... but both your and his perspectives can be true at the same time. There are plenty of older GPUs that ppl can buy and have fun gaming. This is only a problem for ppl who really want to have the last and the best thing on the market ... and i can't feel sorry for them. In my case my 7 years old system which only has a i7 4 cores CPU and a GTS 970 ... pretty much reached the end of its cycle in this period which resemble a black hole ... full of speculators, scalpers, corporate hunger ... and pretty much anyone wanting to screw everybody else for two cents or less. Even so ... i am ready to wait several more year (TES VI is not even out yet) ... before becoming part of the chaos. The irony is that the AMD has the perfect GPU for my needs, but because is AMD i don't even care. My state of mind is ... i hate Nvidia, but i hate AMD more. I can't help it. Until new players take the stage ... Nvidia and Intel will win ... sorry to step on your AMD parade ...:))

    Crimson VeritasCrimson Veritas5 napja
  • Luke the nodding dog.

    Sim DeckSim Deck5 napja
  • That like/dislike ratio is wild

    KriKri5 napja
  • $400 to $600 more for a 3080Ti vs. 3080 for only 5-15% more performance. What’s the issue? That’s simple math. The Ti received honest reviews that proved this time and again using multiple hardware setups. The truth hurts fan boys. I like Nvidia and AMD and competition is good. But the plain fact of the matter is the Ti is a horrible value. Talk about buyer’s remorse in a nice looking package…

    PC GamerPC Gamer5 napja
    • Yeah if they sold it at $900, that would be fair enough and way more accepted.

      apocalypseapapocalypseap5 napja
  • Man, poor Luke.. Every time he opens his mouth he gets interrupted. That's gotta be a self confidence killer for sure. Let this man host the show once in a while..

    LonkLonk5 napja
  • 2080Ti is when the gouge started in earnest. The MSRP doubled, the performance did not. The MSRP is an index for the rest of the prices. So the real issue with the 3080Ti is that NVIDIA thinks it's ok to continue its gouging of consumers for a Ti card despite its performance. Sure the 3080Ti is closer to a 3090, but that card was always insane anyway for gaming.

    Ben IBen I5 napja
    • My problem will be if a supply of dies appears that are not quite good enough for 3090 bins with 3080Ti stickers on them when they really should have been reprocessed as 3080's for the last few months. I can definitely see the bean counting side of the argument, but it's a dick move it plays out that way.

      Ben IBen I5 napja
  • GTX 1080 TI was a really good value…

    ZahZah5 napja
  • why do people keep saying "it's a cheap 3090 so good for 3090 buyers", when people should only buy the 3090 for the amount of vram which the 3080 ti doesn't have, in reality it's a really expensive 3080 regardless of what die it uses based on performance and workload capability it's an expensive 3080.

    neoxide hneoxide h5 napja
  • Linus just not likes talking with people who agree with him .......................

    Abhinav ChhetriAbhinav Chhetri6 napja
  • How is it not fair for people to be pissed off about the 3080ti price? The customer who's price range is in line for a 3080 is VERY different from the price range of the 3080ti. Those same GA102 chips could be turned into 3080's instead of 3080ti's if they're not good enough to be turned into 3090's. It's the same fucking die, why are they making a higher end, more expensive card on the same gpu die for 500 usd higher msrp? It only makes sense from nividia being greedy

    Chill man, chill!Chill man, chill!6 napja
    • nvidia will likely start phasing out the original 10GB 3080 and replace it with this.

      ‎5 napja
    • cause it's replacing the 2080 ti

      LoreaverLoreaver6 napja
  • Yah, I don't get all the uproar about the 3080 TI. Literally anything that helps more efficiently allocate hardware in a shortage like this benefits everyone. If they can produce more GPUs this way then that's good for buyers because there are that many more cards on the market. People wanting mid-range cards won't have to compete with quite as many high-end buyers looking to pick up whatever card they can get.

    Ian HenriksenIan Henriksen6 napja
  • Glad that I only look at Linus videos for news and entertainment. Fortunately till date have not purchased anything just based on his review. I now know for sure to look at his videos just for the entertainment I have so far..

    Ashlyn DmelloAshlyn Dmello6 napja
  • And why video cards should be put in gamers hands in first? Who invented that tacite rule?

    LordNementonLordNementon6 napja
  • Who would I believe? Tech Jesus or an overgrown boy who dares say tech Jesus is wrong?

    Saharsh ShuklaSaharsh Shukla6 napja
  • Utter rubbish :/ Unsubbed.

    yourdad03yourdad036 napja
  • Linus is fast becoming the corporate shill.

    Derek MorrisDerek Morris6 napja
    • He's been a corporate shill ever since they left the kitchen. 🤷

      Tacky TobyTacky Toby4 napja
  • Can someone ELI5 the drama?

    Teodor AngelovTeodor Angelov6 napja
  • "Put yourself in NVidia shoes" No I wont. Bad Linus, bad

    Monk3yMonk3y6 napja
  • i agree with linus

    TheSamohtnjTheSamohtnj7 napja
  • 3080 Linus Ti

    Wot WotWot Wot7 napja
  • I bought new top end CPU and GPU at MSRP within ten minutes of release this generation. It was clear that if you snooze you lose so I'm good to go until the next generation.

    Möebius 2kMöebius 2k7 napja
  • When did you turn Linus, what happened?

    Generaal700600Generaal7006007 napja
    • Where have you been? Things have been going downhill ever since they bought that stupid office. 💁

      Tacky TobyTacky Toby4 napja
  • Just seems like people are mad they can’t afford a card that’s not in their price range for some reason?

    SupperSwaggDudeSupperSwaggDude7 napja
  • I would be more than happy to pay msrp for a 3080ti (nah I want an AMD) and will laugh at anybody saying the price is ridiculous. Silicon supply is going to be constrained for years and all other minerals have been increasing in value. The end buyer takes the hit, not the suppliers or manufacturers. Pretty stupid to get upset at Linus for him bluntly telling you the msrp is a good deal. Guess what? It's a good deal cause GPU will NEVER be as cheap as they once were.

    HookerHooker7 napja
  • 2080Ti when it came out was $999, for over 2 years. Its been raised to $1200 after the fact. 1080Ti was $699. 980Ti was $649. 780Ti was $699. So Prior to 2080Ti which was part of a mining boom, $700 WAS the top tier gaming / non-titan card pricing. Its not "caveat emptor" its "buyer get fucked". "Its not a value card" It kinda used to be 2 gens ago. Same thing 2 gens ago.

    Cinnabuns2009Cinnabuns20097 napja
  • The scalping market is a closer representation of a free capitalism market than MSRP/or actual retail prices. If the MSRP/Retail price is too high, product will be left on the shelf and slowly discounted prices will appear, if the MSRP/Retail price is too low, scalpers will buy up all the product and sell for market price that has been driven up more due to over excessive scarcity. A correct retial/msrp price will prevent the over scarcity and level the price for everyone.

    Robert HigginsRobert Higgins7 napja
  • Bad take. 8% increase in performance over the 3080 does not justify 1200$. Nvidia scalping

    Jedi KnightJedi Knight7 napja
  • Lol just take the L dude.

    BartTheTreeGuyBartTheTreeGuy7 napja
  • Steve is right about this.

    zkkzkk32312zkkzkk323127 napja
  • Totally out of touch

    holotapeholotape7 napja
  • Sorry Linus - what do you say about 3080 Ti is compete bullshit. There was always been at least 20 - 30 % performance difference in betveen X80 and X80 Ti. And so there was reasonable diference in pricing. Now you get abou extra 7% performance but you have to pay 70% more money. That's just insane. And you saying it's OK is even more insane. Wake up dude.

    Ctibor PetrůCtibor Petrů7 napja
  • Luke is like Siri, he's only allowed to speak when addressed lol

    Ilyass KarouachIlyass Karouach7 napja
    • Not really, he clearly agrees with Linus' take

    • kinda sad, Linus literally interrupts himself so he can keep talking and luke is just watching the chat at almost any given point because, whats the point?

      Karel Zdenek Sousek GumucioKarel Zdenek Sousek Gumucio6 napja
  • Desperate shill double speak

    P. CresvaP. Cresva7 napja
    • Yep. I'm going to download all of the old linus tech tips videos (from before they left the house and bought the office) because that's when they got to be terrible shills. The good says have been over for a long time and I'm now accepting it.

      Tacky TobyTacky Toby4 napja
  • Nvidia wouldl produce and sell all the 3090s they could, and only then produce and sell all the 3080s they could. Now: They will produce and sell all the 3090s they can, only then produce and sell all the 3080TIs they can, and only after that will they produce all the 3080s they can. And let's not forget that all the xx80TIs so far, would offer around 30% more performance. This piece of crap sweats to give you 8%... This card would be stupid even if we had a solid 200$ option, which we don't. As it id, this card is an insult and a blatant money grab. Saying anything less than that is Chilling to Nvidia!!!

    Ola OleOla Ole7 napja
  • Linus: Gives Luke grief every week about the whole building a video content service and how long it takes Also Linus: Could you also knock up this other stuff for our store and other LMG properties…

    mr_vpwmr_vpw7 napja
  • Corporate slave. How far you've fallen. Adios

    SpOoNmAnSpOoNmAn7 napja
  • It's not that it isnt a super cool bit of hardware, it's just that it exists at the cost of standard 3080s. This was not the time to release *another* halo piece, this was the time to talk about something like a 3050 and trying to improve the number of cards in existence, especially as part of the reason for the demand spike is that this segment was largely ignored last generation.

    KarlKarl7 napja
  • The last time Linus said something wrong luke really wanted to say something, I have the feeling this time he wanted to say something too.

    Antonie van der MeerAntonie van der Meer7 napja
  • I can confirm that the issue is with our government. Every issue.

    Luis TairaLuis Taira7 napja
  • GTX 260 Luke was talking about BF BC2 I had SLi 285's so tecnically 4 way SLi was getting 40fps and I went from them to SLi Gtx 580's with water cooling.

    Cripple (Cripple)Cripple (Cripple)7 napja
  • Oh, it's similar performance to a 3090? Why is the cooler so much smaller then.

    Nick TaylorNick Taylor7 napja
  • Come on, I said in the review who still watches you guys for reviews? I've accepted you guys are only good for tidbits and entertainment but who actually watches your show thinking I'm going to buy this absurdly expensive product? Sure some people do but come on. If you really can't understand how tone deaf nvdia's move was from your peers, not only that, but from the people who propped you to your current status then you just wouldn't understand. End of the day if I am to trust just 1 guy and his team versus many guys and their teams and indepedant reviews then sorry linus you lost this one. You can continue to entertain us but for god sake man, learn your average viewer and consumer.

    snozbucketsnozbucket7 napja
  • Netherlands doesn't sell FE cards -_- Everything is 2K

    Secretly a CelebritySecretly a Celebrity7 napja
  • Am I out of touch or is it children who are wrong?

    kombinezonkombinezon7 napja
  • The titan was a bit better if not same as the 80 Ti versions but still people that wanted the best of the best did buy a Titan even though it wasn't value for money. I am not saying that the 3080 ti isnt expensive, but the logic that people now have a few hundred dollar cheaper option for basically the best GPU isn't really bad.

    Jyotsha KumarJyotsha Kumar8 napja
  • Was the original review really that bad? So you had a different opinion, big deal. Not every reviewer has to agree on every point, and it's kind of suspicious when they do.

    IsoquantIsoquant8 napja
  • They shouldn't have released new cards with a shortage. It's a money grab as I see it and nothing more. Can't defend Nvidia at the moment. MSRP prices don't exist today for Nvidia.

    Daniel CDaniel C8 napja
    • Let's invests engineers time and money to develop new products, plan the supply chains, make deal with manufacturers and ... Oh yeah, we have a shortage, let's throw everything in the garbage, sure make senses, please don't waste your money starting a business 😜

      LordNementonLordNementon6 napja
  • The review was bad. This video is somehow worse. Linus. This ain't it. Just stop bro.

    NnamzNnamz8 napja
  • some of us actually get it.compared to the prices the cards are selling at now, not talking about from the mfg but the scalping.the 3080ti is a deal.i find it amazing most of the people dont get talking to children just need a reason to whine about what they cant afford/buy.

    guydodgeguydodge8 napja
  • I though luke doesn't work at ltt anymore

    Nico BangoyNico Bangoy8 napja
  • (Chandler voice, from FRIENDS) : Could Linus BE more wrong??

    GoodGuyGauravGoodGuyGaurav8 napja
  • How can you even begin to justify value when the Market is completely out of whack. Nvidia is taking advantage of the shortage by releasing all these cards. People rush in to buy them because either they wont be available for long or thats all that is available, wtf are you on about. You need a reality check, most people are not in the IT world and sent shit all the time.

    JeffereyJefferey8 napja
  • Addressing your bad take... with another bad take

    James LivasJames Livas8 napja
  • "Just buy a value card instead". "Just buy second hand cards". What value cards??? There are *none*! What second hand cards? A GTX 1080 is 800-900 usd second hand right now. Anything lower in price or spec? Gone instantly. He's not getting it.

    Johan has but two facesJohan has but two faces8 napja
  • yeah im sitting on a msi trio 2080, ill be waiting until the next generation of cards to upgrade again. already have a 5800x so im good to go.

    Ben FilleyBen Filley8 napja
  • So linus had a great point with all the coorporate behind the scenes. Then he walked on the street and steve shot him 3 times.

    David s.David s.8 napja
  • Such a shill, dude. I miss youtube.

    Tech'd itTech'd it8 napja
  • Linus is detached, Is It cocaine?

  • I dont really care for Steve much but Linus, you were just wrong about that 3080 Ti video and the desperation in you trying to defend it was disgusting. Cmon now bro, dont be like that Verge guy and actually apologize

    Nam NguyenNam Nguyen8 napja