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Powerful handheld console-style gaming PCs are popping up on the market trying to get a slice of the Nintendo Switches pie. Today we've got a BIG one here to try out and play some games on!

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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
Video Link:
iTunes Download Link:
Artist Link:

Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High

Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0




  • It’s actually an advanced version the T-Mobile “Side Kick”

    Dai RuggerDai Rugger8 órája
  • Yeah I still haven't made my pc so why would I go for that thing...*runs in his room to cry*

    WZ TWZ T17 órája
  • 0:59 maybe a Fanny pack

    Summer - TezafimSummer - Tezafim18 órája
  • 0:54 womens pockets be like

    FlyonnitFlyonnit19 órája
  • I hear nintendo makes a switch

    Sithered Zburator (Gerkov)Sithered Zburator (Gerkov)Napja
  • crazy quad cores weere the BEAST back in the day .... use to rock a sempron for budget gaming XD

    Rick LiebenthalRick LiebenthalNapja
  • Video idea buying a pc off of alibaba

    modern Piezmodern PiezNapja
  • Drift: yes

    Electric StyleElectric StyleNapja
  • we dont need that resolution it would look perfectly fine at 1080 or even at 720

  • I'd literally never buy this unless there's a USB port so that I can connect my keyboard and mouse to game

  • Nintendo is jealous and demand all youtuber tryin to compare

    Luis GoseryLuis GoseryNapja
  • This guy sounds just like Todd Howard and even looks like him. I meant as a compliment btw lol.

  • No Linus, you want the charging port at the top so when you use the kickstand, you can still charge the device. This company actually thought their use-cases through unlike Nintendo..

    Maximilian WillertMaximilian WillertNapja
  • If the charging port was on the bottom, playing using the stand wouldn't be possible (the keyboard wouldn't be usable also when charging too).

  • 3:05. W I D E L I N U S

    🅱_B I G_M E A T Y_ T H I G H S_🅱️🅱_B I G_M E A T Y_ T H I G H S_🅱️2 napja
  • I can only imagine the stick drift after a month or so. Rather stick to a smartphone with xcloud/console streaming and a kishi that has better quality and warranty which can be replaced easily.

    MelvoMelvo2 napja
  • 9:11 Nice Goal

    Marcelo Javier FernándezMarcelo Javier Fernández2 napja
  • Is this fake linus bit robotic

    The lampost showThe lampost show2 napja
  • JESUS died for our sins on the cross, HE shed HIS holy, innocent , precious blood for us (HIS blood washes away ALL sins) HE was buried but on the third day GOD raised HIM from the dead. All you have to do to be saved is: Believe in JESUS, trust in HIS blood. JESUS did everything for you, no works are required for salvation (Ephesians 2:8-9)

    Believe On JesusBelieve On Jesus2 napja
  • What switch pro? Nintendo already said no switch pro.... The console is making too much money so why are they going to make a new version...

    Will ThomasWill Thomas2 napja
  • I wanna see how it runs Genshin Impact

    Itz CheshireItz Cheshire2 napja
  • 🤣 who buys that stuff ??

    Theo KagTheo Kag2 napja
  • 15:05 Tencent? That's a Chinese company which is under the thumb of the Chinese government.

    Bert VisscherBert Visscher2 napja
  • can this stand like a thousand tnt explosion in minecraft

    fallenstarfallenstar3 napja
  • It's a mobile pc!

    StarPenguinStarPenguin3 napja
  • So is it worth buying or not

    C_zer1106C_zer11063 napja
  • "Bro what do you run windows on" *"Switch"*

    CoolCakeCoolCake3 napja
  • Tell Linus 1993 is calling and they want there hoop earrings back!!

    Robert DutraRobert Dutra3 napja
  • What a tool lol! It's like watching one of those classic QVC shows from back in the day...

    Joshua AshburnJoshua Ashburn3 napja
  • can this run regular programs like itunes, etc? lol need a small computer lol

    Npc I'm knotNpc I'm knot3 napja
  • "plugs in the handheld" todd howard " 16 TIMES THE DETAIL"

    Duke NukemDuke Nukem3 napja
  • Take my honest dislike)

    Aleg CuizăucaAleg Cuizăuca3 napja
  • You just need AMG Integrated GPU processor Instead of Intel.

    Naman S.Naman S.3 napja
  • Dude I'd love to have that thing. The One X Player. I'd be able to play a serious GOG and Steam libary.

    azforu29azforu293 napja
  • This would have been such a really cool product back in 2005

    MicTheAutisticOniMicTheAutisticOni3 napja
  • Nah

    Brandt PierceBrandt Pierce3 napja
  • my boy linus emulating persona 5

    Geforce GTX 1060 6gbGeforce GTX 1060 6gb3 napja
  • My sorry-a** wallet hurts.

    ItimNaGubat NgKaligayahanItimNaGubat NgKaligayahan3 napja
  • 👎 im good the Switch is better and far more entertaining and far more functional than that pocket thingy!

    Alphonso ThomasAlphonso Thomas3 napja
  • X tech tipsX tech tips3 napja
  • #hhf#

    X tech tipsX tech tips3 napja

    Vr Shark MelonVr Shark Melon3 napja
  • Why the hell are you wearing a woolie hat in summer ?

    RBKing 80RBKing 803 napja
  • "Don't wait for the Switch Pro, Buy This Today!" but I can't now buy onexplayer so it's clickbait

    JohnJohn3 napja
  • If I could afford

    Felix MX17Felix MX173 napja
  • God I hope no one actually buys this

    Way2Clutch39 (W2C)Way2Clutch39 (W2C)3 napja
  • the PSP reigns supreme

    Hazem ShaaryHazem Shaary3 napja
  • i want nintendo games

    RidsyRidsy3 napja

    ToffenToffen3 napja
  • buy a laptop instead, because this is too heavy to be used as a hand-held.

    loulou4 napja
  • Imagine warzone like on this

    SxC DRSxC DR4 napja

    dexter239dexter2394 napja
  • Yo linus Ur pockets ar so flicking big!!!!

    Varun LalchandaniVarun Lalchandani4 napja
  • This unit is $2108 😂😂 at that price you can buy a PS5, Xbox X, and an entry level PC. This gets 👎👎 for not being priced for the mass economy 😒

  • probably gonna buy this bae for its superior gaming experience!

    Thế giới games - GameworldzThế giới games - Gameworldz4 napja
  • Only problem is it’s 1,000 dollar price

    Ralph FrancoRalph Franco4 napja
  • Lol

    Fajri NafisaFajri Nafisa4 napja
  • hi austin evans

    Simp4GooseSimp4Goose4 napja
  • 14:49 if you're excited about this product leave after this point. its alot of money for what it is.. granted its a nice product, not cheap or even reasonable for a gaming first device.

    Erwin jrErwin jr4 napja
  • Linus knows exactly when to say the price tag so that we can finish the video.

    Saqib RezwanSaqib Rezwan5 napja
  • 2:20 "So, I think it's pretty much a win". Which win? Win win or Gpd win? :P

    Saqib RezwanSaqib Rezwan5 napja
  • 0:36 thats what she said

    mr_toastymr_toasty5 napja
  • those prices are a joke!! $349 YES!... $689.. ehhh... ok for the big 2TB brother, but $1k+++? Nah... just put your (already owned) close to 7" mobile phone and a gamepad with holder for the phone, and play mobile games, or stream from the pc or Xbox (no idea if PS has something).. yeah, ok.. not that big screen, but that would cost just what.. $40 bucks? and if you own an Xbox already, you can use that controller, and get a phone holder for it for $3-4 bucks or less.

    Beni RodriguezBeni Rodriguez5 napja
  • Can I put switch cartridges in it? No? Then why the fuck would I buy this abomination when I have a legit PC for PC games? What a stupid fucking clickbait title.

    RandyRandy5 napja
  • I'm surprised this isn't more popular than the switch.

    CCGameingCCGameing5 napja
  • W7

    JacobJacob5 napja
  • I have no room to talk, and its pretty neat toy, but I think people would laugh at you if you were carrying this around town though.

    Fixx FoxxFixx Foxx5 napja
  • this make me feel that i need to upgrade my 6600k

    Samer AbdallahSamer Abdallah5 napja
  • But I want to play the exclusive switch games

    ChilllaxxinnChilllaxxinn5 napja
  • I’m sticking to my switch I have a mod chip

    BlackoutBlackout5 napja
  • Anyone know if its possible to switch out the Intel chip for amd?

    ArtsieFrogArtsieFrog5 napja
  • I'm sorry but that display resolution on a screen that size with that hardware is absolute nonsense. And does not make a difference in crispness. I swear display tech fans have the same problem as the audiophile community.

    Objectified CrossObjectified Cross5 napja
  • Yeah no. Not worth tbh. Pay almost 2 grand to play old games smh. You have to be a special kind of stupid to go for this handheld PC lmaoo

    Adrian GuzmanAdrian Guzman5 napja
  • Where can I buy one ?

    DKDallas ShsbsDKDallas Shsbs5 napja
  • How much and what games ??? and what is the other consoles name ???

    Josiah CoombsJosiah Coombs5 napja
  • pocketable,yes! do you know bmpcc? (black magic pocket cinema camera) but bmpcc6k pro is not pocketable at all!

    yiping wangyiping wang5 napja
  • pocketable, yes!

    yiping wangyiping wang5 napja
    • do you know bmpcc?

      yiping wangyiping wang5 napja
  • It's upwards of $800 USD on Indiegogo... the Switch Pro is more or less $399 at conservative guesstimate. They basically tried to cram a "gaming" laptop into that handheld - and you probably want to get the laptop instead because parts-wise, it's almost similar. Might as well get a gaming laptop before that thing melts when the overworked fan decides to give up the ghost - unless you *REALLY* want to burn cash like it's going out of style.

    BlacksandsBlacksands6 napja
  • I need help, so I have a work laptop that I cant factory reset cause it's a bit locked encrypted ssd and I'm not an adminstrator. So if I just get a new nvme ssd and replace the old one that just basically restarts the computer right. I'll just have to intall windows 10 on it right. Or does replacing the ssd in it do nothing

    pepe frogpepe frog6 napja
  • Xbox style asymmetric controller is especially stupid on handheld.

    Seth GreySeth Grey6 napja
  • Not bad, I like it but it does not have access to switch games and is well way over 300$. Not bad but not a replacement for the switch or its pro version which will still likely be lower priced then this.

    TLCresentTLCresent6 napja
  • well, the point of me buying switch is that so i can play exclusive switch game......

    D MartinoD Martino6 napja
  • But can I play smash???

    Derek RobbDerek Robb6 napja
  • This still doesn't make me want to buy this paying 1000 dollars just to play steam games on a handheld doesn't make me think it's worth the price

    Joel Gameros-GuzmanJoel Gameros-Guzman6 napja
  • Where are the nintendo exclusives

    Ze Wee PiglinZe Wee Piglin6 napja
  • Nah switch is better

    Jessica HayesJessica Hayes6 napja
  • I saw the price, and immediately Lost interest.

    abc4781abc47816 napja
  • Yeah, it's a lot bigger... Looks uncomfortable

    Mus VisenaMus Visena6 napja
  • 4:20 complains about mouse speed when you can change the mouse speed in the settings your self. Thought someone like him would know that...

    osbodavosbodav6 napja
  • Used to have jeans which could handle lidl 2l bottle. This would just vanish in those.

    MrZurbMrZurb6 napja
  • Ok hear me out: persona 4 golden is on steam, so if you play it through this machine, you basically have an overpriced ps vita

    Nathan AlexanianNathan Alexanian6 napja
    • Kinda facts but its a whole computer, im pretty sure thats why its overpriced Not even worth its price tho

      QuackQuack3 napja
  • $$$$$$$$$$$$$

    law35pennlaw35penn6 napja
  • 0:47 Yea, you shove that in there.

    Eric RosarioEric Rosario6 napja
  • The busy ground finallly fix because nitrogen namely pine but a frantic iran. easy, resonant clave

    R GarciaR Garcia7 napja
  • Does anyone else think his intro is too loud? Btw good video

    Mauricio CastroMauricio Castro7 napja
  • 1000 bucks? Lol

    john colejohn cole7 napja
  • Or buy a steam pal instead

    john colejohn cole7 napja
    • SteamPal isn't out yet. I backed the OXP. I figure i can just sell it next year and buy whatever is new.

      Brandon KingBrandon King7 napja
  • I could buy a pc with a rtx 3070 for that price maybe even cheaper

    HerushiiHerushii7 napja
    • This is actually the price of many laptops with the exact same specs. My ASUS laptop with an RTX 2060 i got in January cost me $1500. But being smaller than a laptop is what a handheld is meant for. I backed the OXP because my Switch gets more play time than my laptop because its more convenient, but I'm a PC gamer at heart.

      Brandon KingBrandon King7 napja
  • Obviously this guy doesnt play consoles games or he thinks he can get a good experience from emulation

    vincie0007vincie00077 napja
  • Guys...he dropped something

    Dregs PomiseDregs Pomise8 napja