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  • He: OLED 4K real black Me: Projector 1080p black’nt Yeah maybe I will think of the Xbox s

  • O M G .... Nerd Eargasm!!

    Lex DLex D22 órája
  • Madison is back?

    oT_BONEooT_BONEo22 órája
  • Lmao James Struggling

    Guillaume TakoGuillaume Tako22 órája
  • WTF did I just watch? 👀

    Manny GonzalezManny Gonzalez22 órája
  • More then reason to use macOS. This version of windows is straight dog shit lol

    eddzuki0eddzuki022 órája
  • Peanuts Linus: "Hold my blanket"

    Lars A GLars A G22 órája
  • I finally have a reason for 256gb of ram

    imaNintendo btwimaNintendo btw22 órája

    Emme ElleEmme Elle22 órája
  • This was friggin awesome....

    СвиленСвилен22 órája
  • yo let me sleep, shh

    Jätski.fiJätski.fi22 órája
    • shh, be quiet

      Jätski.fiJätski.fi22 órája
  • make another vid but cut out all the whispering. just add subtitles or whatever. some can't stand whispering, munching noises etc just like others can't stand snakes or spiders

    Marcin HartwichMarcin Hartwich22 órája
  • Does anyone else also read the comments whispering inside their head?

    Jindra VysockýJindra Vysocký22 órája
  • я конечно всё понимаю! и ничего против! но как-то противно смотреть на этого чела!

    БульбашБульбаш22 órája
  • You can run it bare metal without any need for special hardware by cloning the virtual drive you setup windows 11 in, ( I used Macrium for this ). I've just done it and It works absolutely fine and picks up the drivers as you would expect it to.

    Andrew MayfieldAndrew Mayfield22 órája
  • Yvonne's voice is very nice but she rushes too much :/

    Jindra VysockýJindra Vysocký22 órája
  • Another LTT fail. Yes you get a "free thirty day trial" however it is not like most trials. You still make the purchase upfront its actually a 30 day money back guarantee not a free trial. HUGE DIFFERENCE Linus. Now I understand you probably just went with what they said in their order to you or maybe you looked at their website. But did you actually test their integrity? I would have to say obviously not. What does that say about LMG's integrity? What does that say about you as a business? I can tell you this I probably wouldn't do business with you. Why should I? You obviously have zero integrity so how do I now that doesn't transfer over to me getting screwed over when I do business with you?

    Governor DragoGovernor Drago22 órája
  • 2:06 "Nothing works like that" except for Linux and Mac, lol

    Yoshi KhuraziYoshi Khurazi22 órája
  • Yeah this is too abnornal....

    Krishnaprasad MokshagundamKrishnaprasad Mokshagundam22 órája
  • This was made for Linus One Man's Trash Is Another man's Rig

    Zest OwlZest Owl22 órája
  • Nice haircut Linux!!

    Dany GDany G22 órája
  • Linus's face looks fake in the thumbnail.........

    Krishnaprasad MokshagundamKrishnaprasad Mokshagundam22 órája
  • Console players after finding monitors

    AT5LASAT5LAS22 órája
  • Would love to know if there's a third layer of the same preferences now.

    wollfixwollfix22 órája
  • Came here for Anthony. Disappointed not 100% Anthony.

    Nicholas JosephNicholas Joseph22 órája
  • Linus you alright?

    Paul Andrew ConstancioPaul Andrew Constancio22 órája
  • try using qemu to viretualize windows 11, it runs a lot better that the one you were using

    M HM H22 órája
  • ASMR INTRO 🔥. shhhhh

    Avadhoot TanugadeAvadhoot Tanugade22 órája
  • Linus wispering in my ear is the exact opposite of relaxing.

    Jordan C. WildeJordan C. Wilde22 órája
  • O for fuck sake linux just use vm ware set an physical hdd root for windows install, finish the instalation in the vm then reboot and choose to boot from that hdd and voila windows 11 on your pc cause it does not have minimul requirements on boot it has just for install !

    Gakomi UragoGakomi Urago22 órája
  • I call this an unfair test... amd should be running the RX 6700 XT I think 😏

    JaysGameHQJaysGameHQ22 órája
  • I bet this was the hardest thing Linus had to do all year, not yell

    superkaboose1066superkaboose106622 órája
  • Glad to see cracked version for Assassin's Creed. I wonder if there is a ton of easter egg on this video.

    floppytoo1floppytoo122 órája
  • hearing linus cringe at the 2666mhz ram and be beeing hey dude i got 32gb's of it and works just fine relax :p

    Chim's ThoughtsChim's Thoughts22 órája
  • i mean i feel like final cut is like way faster but i dont know i feel like premiere pro is kind of better you just have like more things to do with it idk

    Rani1234 Rani4321Rani1234 Rani432122 órája
  • 2 sponsors in 1 video noicee

    konjeti arnavkonjeti arnav22 órája
  • made me laugh! but voices are cringe

    Nathan MillsNathan Mills22 órája
  • Funniest video in forever 🤣 😂

    Beta CryptBeta Crypt22 órája
  • Damn this is well made

    THEMaNIsWOrTHitTHEMaNIsWOrTHit22 órája
  • I put on my headphones just for this and lay myself on the bed.

    Nicholas JosephNicholas Joseph22 órája
  • 22 seconds in and I'm literally lol'ing

    Tom RandTom Rand22 órája
  • i mean its going to be fine for a lego game

    DaighIsPogDaighIsPog22 órája
  • I find that you dont actually use 3080,90 to play 4K. You use them to make the game run on ultra on a 1080p display because if you dont have that power, it drops. I have a 2080 and it happens to me a lot sooo yeah.

    Luis SantanaLuis Santana22 órája
  • Always creative AF That's some good PC p*rn right there

    Mark7AymnMark7Aymn22 órája
  • It could possibly be a good option for laptops

    Simoxs7Simoxs722 órája
  • ok so just more ads and a touch keyboard. what about security or privacy?

    DrzzltDrzzlt22 órája
  • What did i just watch🙃

    Jorden van VegtenJorden van Vegten22 órája
  • 8:10 you can do that on windows 10 by doing windows + tab

    M HM H22 órája
  • You can see how much the youtube algorithm hates ASMR from how this video performed, it's crazy

    AnselmAnselm22 órája
  • oy that was a original idea

    659 VIP scitech659 VIP scitech22 órája
  • Hahahaha! Great work guys!

    Greg'sGreg's22 órája
  • Feels like when KDE got 4.0. Not sure if I'll enjoy these changes, but I'll give it a shot nonetheless.

    R4ZGRiZ 013R4ZGRiZ 01322 órája
  • Lol

    NA RaftyNA Rafty22 órája
  • So basically, they learnt nothing from Windows 8. Hey, let's create a jack of all trades, master of none OS again! I'm sure people are gonna love it!

    TFTonyTFTony22 órája
  • Ok, I listen to ASMR almost daily, and I am surprised by how Yvonne's voice actually hit me. The guys were a little bit too raspy and breathy. Sound from the materials were also pretty damn good. Sound control levels were also pretty great. On the whole, flippen well done and thank you for actually going through this :D

    Nathaniel CutajarNathaniel Cutajar22 órája
  • If you want to directly install it on the pc, try running the setup in windows 10, like a normal software, it should install for sure.

    Sai Pavan GokariSai Pavan Gokari22 órája
  • Never noticed but Linus has really short fingers

    King KasparsKing Kaspars22 órája
  • They really should have made the power brick out of aluminium and made it look like a Mac Mini.

    PiersPiers22 órája
  • You talk about the price but where does a top notch 24" screen goes into play when you compare it to the Mac mini?

    Roee CohenRoee Cohen22 órája
  • Asmr aside this is probably their best pc building guide video

    Matthis PiessensMatthis Piessens22 órája
  • Windows+tab is already multiple desktops in W10 though?

    drunkenmusedrunkenmuse22 órája
  • Get an Acer C720 with the Celeron 2955U and 4 gb of ram then use coolstar to install Windows 10 and the driver needed for the trackpad and then do a review of it for students because it is definitely a great value for being off ebay for maybe $100 USD also pls upgrade the m.2 to something more than the included 16gb.

    Gaming With Tristan TroxellGaming With Tristan Troxell22 órája
  • it finally happened, as an IT tech, I can now sleep

    Tip TurkeyTip Turkey22 órája
  • The relaxing end 😂

  • Dislikes are from people who can't experience ASMR

    Oliver P.S.Oliver P.S.22 órája

    SpidocSpidoc22 órája
  • So it is just a win10 on drugs. Same core with silly UI.

    PluckyewPluckyew22 órája
  • 😅

    CharlieCharlie22 órája
  • This must be Poofesures TV

    LambLamb22 órája
  • wtf

    Schip3sSchip3s22 órája
  • I wish I could like multiple times for all these idiots that disliked this video!

    Davy MDavy M22 órája
  • Damn 4.5K butthurt ASMR fans downvoted this video :O

    gonacegonace22 órája
  • 😂This is the first PC build vid i could follow and understand

    Ewan MaclennanEwan Maclennan22 órája
  • I've just learned that middle-click opens new instance of an app

    Artyom HusakArtyom Husak22 órája
  • This was just weird!

    Mr Knight the IT guyMr Knight the IT guy22 órája
  • are they running out of video ideas? :3

    Syed Musa HaiderSyed Musa Haider22 órája